Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation Helping in Ottawa


Bungalow on Nantes St., OttawaA single family bungalow and two semi-detached homes were completed on Nantes Street in Ottawa’s east end in 2013 thanks to funding from the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation. The homes were purchased with interest-free, long-term mortgages by three hard-working, low-income families and made a positive impact on the lives of nine local children.

The bungalow was specially designed to meet the needs of the entire Caceres family, but a special emphasis has been placed on ensuring that this home will be safe and comfortable for their eight-year-old daughter, Amanda. Unfortunately, she has a metabolic disorder which means she is not able to independently sit, stand or walk. She is also nonverbal and cannot communicate her needs to her parents.

Caceres FamilyThis new home is completely wheelchair accessible and has two track systems to safely move Amanda into the bathroom and her bed in her bedroom and to move her in the main living space. The house has been designed to meet the family’s needs today and to accommodate Amanda when she is an adult.

During the Dedication Ceremony on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, the family’s five-year-old son, Alejandro, was extremely excited about his new home. When asked what he liked best as he raced around the main floor, he said “the bathrooms.” He also told his mom that the basement was so big that he could play soccer inside.