2024 Committee Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in joining one or more Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation Committee(s)!
You may use the form below to apply for up to three Committees in order of preference, with the first one you choose being your first choice.

Applications open on January 15, 2024 and close on March 11, 2024. You will be notified if you’ve been selected to serve on a Committee by April 5, 2024. If selected, you will serve for one year from the date you were selected; you may also be offered an opportunity to continue to serve on the Committee(s) the following year.

These are the descriptions of the Committees we will be looking for members for in 2024:

Finance and Audit Committee – Six Committee Members
• The Finance and Audit Committee oversees the financial reporting and audit functions of the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation. These responsibilities include ensuring that the financial statements are in good standing and accurate, oversee the audit process, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on any financial changes for the Foundation.

Governance Task Force – Eight Committee Members
• The Governance Task Force is responsible for ensuring that the Foundation and the Board of Directors operates effectively in accordance with the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation’s mission, vision, focus, and governing documents. In 2024, this committee will be tasked with reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for changes to our existing Policy Manual.

Grants and Awards Committee – Six Committee Members
• The Grants and Awards Committee provide oversight for the Every REALTOR® Campaign and makes recommendations to the Finance and Audit Committee for the yearly distribution of funds. This committee also helps select the annual Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation’s Spirit Award recipients and establish criteria for new program initiatives.

Fundraising Committee – Ten Committee Members
• The Fundraising Committee supports the work of the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation in raising its profile and increasing the revenue generated through new and existing events. Based on our 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, we will be working to increase our annual revenue from $2.2 million to $5 million by 2027.

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