REALTORS® Facebook group raises $2000 for REALTORS® Care Foundation

by Sandra Kirkland

Facebook Group Donates $2000

Over two years ago, Jenny Kotulak of RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc. - a REALTOR® recognized nationally for her dedication in volunteerism both within the real estate industry and
outside of it - started a group on Facebook where local REALTORS® could come together to share ideas, ask questions, discuss the industry’s hot topics and expand their referral network - free of judgment and brokerage/brand barriers. Since then, the Facebook group - now known as the Real Estate Corner - has grown to nearly 1,800 members from across North America, representing an industry as diverse as the members within it.

Early in 2015, Jenny and loyal group members came together to plan a networking and learning event for group members. A chance to showcase some of the vast experience and knowledge in the group, to give opportunity to new faces and up-and-comers, and to provide an opportunity for many of the members who communicate every day via the group to meet in person and continue to expand their referral network. Topic discussion by some of the industry’s heavy hitters like Brian Madigan and Barbara Brindle speaking on their specialties, as well as a Brokers’ Panel with owners and managers of various types of brokerages.

On June 8th, REC Live was held at the Mississauga Grand Convention Centre. REALTORS® from all over Canada attended this great event to learn and share with their peers. The event being a huge success, Jenny, the event committee and members greatly look forward to making this an annual event that increases in size every year.

Jenny and the Real Estate Corner were pleased to donate the profits of ticket sales from the event to the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation. A cheque for $2000 was given with pride to the Foundation’s President Dreena Gilpin following the event. The Real Estate Corner and its members look forward to continuing donations with future events.

If you are a REALTOR® interested in joining The Real Estate Corner, contact Jenny Kotulak at